By Election – Elm & Christchurch Ward

By Election Notice

Fenland District Council - Elm & Christchurch Ward

Thursday 19th December


Your Conservative Candidate has now been adopted by the local branch and members and will be

Michelle Michelle Tanfield

Postal Vote application form for those that wish to apply.
The deadline to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday 4th December

Michelle is starting her campaign immediately
and will be out and about in the community
talking to local people and introducing herself to those
who do not already know her.

Due to the sad nature of this by-election and its suddeness
please allow a few days for further information to be prepared.
Watch this space!

Promoted by Mrs D N Clark on behalf of the Conservative Party candidate
both of Cromwell House, Wisbech Road, March, Cambs PE15 8EB.  Tel:  01354 656291


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Mystic Ed (and His Crystal Balls)

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Halloween Party In Wisbech


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The Prime Minister’s Conference Speech

The Prime Minister’s Conference Speech

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Share The Facts

Share The Facts

As the Labour Party gather for their annual Conference, their message to the country couldn’t be simpler: more spending, more borrowing and more debt.
And, as we’ve learnt today, they’ve already committed themselves to nearly £28 billion of debt-funded spending – more than £1,000 of additional borrowing for every household.
Over the next few days, you’ll hear a lot of speeches attacking the vital action we’re taking to turn Britain around.
This is the same old Labour, opposing everything we are doing to mend the economy, cut the deficit, and fix the welfare system – while making nearly £28 billion of unfunded spending commitments.
Share The Facts Hashtag
Don’t let Labour derail the important action we’re taking.
Grant Shapps signature
Grant Shapps
P.S This is an important way you can help our campaign to win the next election – so please check out the website today.
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March Town Council By-Election

March Town Council By-Election: Polling Day 19th September 2013

Your Conservative Candidate is: Andrew Donnelly

Andrew is married to Helen and they have two children. He has an honours degree in Law.

Andrew says:

  • “Helen and I moved here a number of years ago and have been very happy living in March, having found it is a nice place to live.  I served in the last Town Council and my during my last year was Deputy Mayor. It was my wish then, and still is, to preserve March as a thriving market town with an attractive town centre.  The current Town Council is a strong team, with your interests to the fore. I would like to be part of that strong team and if elected, will work diligently for you and with you to ensure the town is a safe and secure place to live. I will always endeavour to push for March to be in the foreground of all future County and District Council planning.”


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If you have any issues you would like to raise or more information on how to vote, please contact the Conservative Association 01354-656291

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Conservatives – For Hardworking People








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Wrong, Ed

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Europe has changed. It’s been 40 years since the British people last had their say. We deserve a full renegotiation, and then a vote, so Britain can decide. Sadly Labour and the Liberal Democrats don’t want you to be given a say. And that’s why the Conservatives are introducing a Bill to set the date of an EU in-out referendum before the end of 2017.

If we can get enough support in Parliament then we set the date of an EU referendum in law. But to do that we need MPs from Labour and the LibDems to vote with the Conservatives.

By publicly co-sponsoring this Bill you will be helping to put pressure on Labour and LibDem MPs who are being told by their party leaders not to vote yes for an EU referendum. And the more people prepared to publicly co-sponsor the Bill, the more pressure there will be on MPs to vote for this legislation.

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County Council Elections – May 2nd 2013


For the last four years your Conservative-run County Council has protected the services that you value, found new ways of delivering services to you, protected your libraries, put massive new funding into roads and infrastructure, taken care of people the most in need and managed a very difficult budget situation with intelligence, compassion and common sense.

The Labour Party are the party of massive borrowing and debt.  The party whose policies are based on denial of what has gone before.

The Liberal Democrats are the party of unaffordable promises and grand master plans which would dissolve scant moments into any genuine position of control.

UKIP will tell you they can stop every cut while delivering huge spending and promises – an easy promise to make when there is no chance they might ever have to deliver on it.  They are a one-issue pressure group who would be hopelessly out of their depth in control of the services so many local people rely on.

These parties are not telling you the truth.  They are telling you what they think you want to hear.

Independents are even worse.  Isolated, they can achieve little or nothing other than making a lot of noise about how independent they are.

Vote for a party who understand that real things must be paid for by real people and that every penny comes from the hard-pressed taxpayer.  A party who know it is the people of Cambridgeshire it serves and to whom it must answer.  We will look tirelessly for the best way to deliver services for you.  We will continue to remove waste from every nook and cranny in which it lurks.  We are a party who will continue to deliver the services you need, while always looking for new and innovative and affordable ways to do so.  Please Vote Conservative.


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