David Cameron: Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2014

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A4 Poster

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Share The Facts!

housing ladder


These demands would put everything achieved by our long-term economic plan at risk, making hardworking taxpayers less financially secure and leaving our children with more debt than they can ever pay.

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230,000 More People In Work In The East


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MEP Candidates Visit Wisbech


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No ifs, no buts.

The Prime Minister couldn’t have been clearer on Monday night’s call: any government he leads will hold an in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU in 2017.No ifs, no buts.

As he said to the thousands of supporters on the line, he will not be Prime Minister of a government unless it carries out this commitment to hold an in-out referendum.

And this commitment is at the heart of our European Election campaign. It’s on our leaflets, it’s on our party political broadcasts – and now, it’s on our posters.

European Election campaign poster

From tomorrow, this image will be going up on billboards and digital adverts around the country – but I wanted you to see it first.

Please share the poster on Facebook and Twitter and let everyone know: while Labour and the Lib Dems won’t give you a say, and UKIP can’t give you a say, the Conservatives can and will give you the in-out referendum Britain needs.

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Lynton Crosby
Election Campaign Director

If you want a referendum, donate £10 to our campaign today.


To opt out of messages from David Cameron and the Conservatives, send a blank message to this address

Promoted by Alan Mabbutt on behalf of the Conservative Party, both at 4 Matthew Parker Street, London, SW1H 9HQ

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Roman Bank By-Election

vote sam clark

Promoted by Mrs D N Clark on behalf of Miss S J Clark both of Cromwell House, Wisbech Road, March, Cambs PE15 8EB. 

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Roman Bank By-Election 2014

vote sam clark

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Only the Conservatives have achieved real results in Europe – cutting the EU budget, vetoing a fiscal treaty that would have hurt our economy, and taking Britain out of the Eurozone bailouts that Labour signed us up to.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats will not stand up for Britain in Europe, and they refuse to give the British people a say in an in-out referendum. UKIP are neither credible nor competent and they can’t deliver for Britain.

Only the Conservatives can deliver real change in Europe. We will renegotiate Britain’s membership then hold an in-out referendum for the British people to decide our future in Europe.


Conservative Party European Election Manifesto

Conservative Party European Election Manifesto (Large Print)

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By Election – Elm & Christchurch Ward

By Election Notice

Fenland District Council – Elm & Christchurch Ward

Thursday 19th December


Your Conservative Candidate has now been adopted by the local branch and members and will be

Michelle Michelle Tanfield

Postal Vote application form for those that wish to apply.
The deadline to apply for a postal vote is Wednesday 4th December

Michelle is starting her campaign immediately
and will be out and about in the community
talking to local people and introducing herself to those
who do not already know her.

Due to the sad nature of this by-election and its suddeness
please allow a few days for further information to be prepared.
Watch this space!

Promoted by Mrs D N Clark on behalf of the Conservative Party candidate
both of Cromwell House, Wisbech Road, March, Cambs PE15 8EB.  Tel:  01354 656291


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